‘You Left Us Behind,’ Freed Hostage Calls Out Biden For Forgetting Them in Iran Nuclear Deal

Former members of the Obama administration have said for years that the crowning achievement of their eight years was the Iran Nuclear Deal — hostages who were actually in Iran, however, were left out of the negotiations and feel a bit differently.

Nizar Zakka, a Lebanese national, was detained in Iran from 2015 to 2019. He was accused of spying for the United States, as reported by the Free Beacon.

Zakka took personal offense to Biden’s tweet that said, “Mohamed Amashah is finally home after 486 days in Egyptian prison for holding a protest sign. Arresting, torturing, and exiling activists like Sarah Hegazy and Mohamed Soltan or threatening their families is unacceptable. No more blank checks for Trump’s ‘favorite dictator.'”

Zakka’s tweet slammed Biden for not including the freeing of American hostages as part of the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Biden was referring to the Trump administration’s close relationship with President of Egypt Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. He was speaking specifically about Mohamed Amashah — an Iranian-American medical student who was recently released from Iranian prison after over a year.

Amashah was arrested in March 2019 for protesting in Iran and holding a sign that read “Freedom for all prisoners” — he was charged with misusing social media and aiding a terrorist organization.