Xi Pledges $2B To Global COVID Fight, Welcomes ‘Comprehensive Review’ Of World’s Response

Speaking before the World Health Organization Monday, Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping announced that his government will provide $2 billion to the global response to the pandemic and encouraged other countries to show similar support. Further, the WHO’s role, he added, in ‘leading the global response,’ under Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’s leadership, to the pandemic has been vital in saving lives.

“We must do everything we can for COVID-19 control and treatment,” Xi explained. “This is the most urgent task. We must always put the people first, for nothing in the world is more precious than people’s lives. We need to deploy medical expertise and critical supplies to places where they are needed most. We need to take a strong step in such key areas as prevention, quarantine, detection, treatment, and tracing.”

He continued, “We need to move as fast as we can to curb the global spread of the virus and do our best to stem cross-border transmission. We need to step up information sharing, exchange experience, and the best practice, and pursue international cooperation on testing methods, clinical treatment, and vaccine medical research and development. We also need to continue supporting global research by scientists on the source and the transmission rules of the virus.”

Warning of the potential for other “major health emergencies” in the future, Xi said he welcomes a “comprehensive review” of the world’s response to the virus “after it is brought under control.”

The Chinese government, however, has been largely blamed for withholding key information about the origins of the virus and did everything they could to disappear dissenting voices and expel foreign journalists.

Last week, the U.S. said they’re looking into China’s attempts to hack into U.S. COVID-19 vaccine research and development. The U.S. government is also investigating the Wuhan lab, where the virus is alleged to have started and where State Department cables earlier warned could be the source of a future ‘SARS-like pandemic.’