WHO: Coronavirus Declared Global Health Emergency

Jan. 30, Update:

8,236 confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

19 countries have confirmed cases.


The World Health Organization declared Thursday the spread of the new coronavirus an international public health emergency. SaraACarter.com has been posting updates on the spread of the virus through Johns Hopkins online tracking map developed to keep people informed of the ongoing crisis.

The new virus began in China and has now spread to more than 18 countries. In the United States the first case of person to person transmission was confirmed Thursday. Five people have been confirmed to have the virus in the U.S. since the outbreak, with concern growing among CDC officials that those numbers are expected to continue to increase.

According to the U.N. health agency the new virus and its growth worldwide is considered an “extraordinary event.”

The U.N. stated that it constitutes a risk to other countries and requires a coordinated international response, as reported by the Associated Press.
China has reported more than 7,800 cases including 170 deaths, which some analysts suggest is far below the actual number, as reported by this news site.

For more on the numbers and where the virus is spreading visit our up-to-date page here with the full link and updated stories to Johns Hopkins.