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WHO: Laboratory captured by Sudanese fighters is ‘high risk of biological hazard’



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In Sudan, fighters have assumed control of a central public laboratory, which contained samples of measles and polio. On Tuesday, a representative in Sudan of the World Health Organization (WHO) said there is a “high risk of biological hazard” emphatically stating that this creates a “extremely, extremely dangerous” situation.

Dr. Nima Saeed Abid, the WHO representative in Sudan, spoke to reporters in Geneva, Switzerland, via a video link, to address the capture of the laboratory, and said, “there is a huge biological risk associated with the occupation of the central public health lab… by one of the fighting parties.” reached out to The WHO for comment and we will update this story when and if officials respond.

During the press conference, however,  Abid confirmed to reporters that at least 459 people were killed and and 4,072 more were injured from fighting in the region, according to reports.

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken,  said that he helped broker a 72-hour cease-fire, according to reports from Fox News. Gen. Abdel Fattah Burhan, commander of the Sudanese military and Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, leader of the Rapid Support Forces, a paramilitary group said Saudi Arabia contributed to the negotiations of the cease-fire.

“This cease-fire aims to establish humanitarian corridors, allowing citizens and residents to access essential resources, healthcare, and safe zones, while also evacuating diplomatic missions,” the Rapid Support Forces said. The Sudanese military said that they will stay true to the truce “on the condition that the rebels commit to stopping all hostilities.”

Moreover, the major muslim holidays allowed for the evacuations of hundreds of diplomats, foreigners and aid workers to evacuate Sudan by means of air and land travel.

Sources of with first hand knowledge of the situation said that the evacuation of the U.S. embassy was conducted in a pre-organized way. Hard-drives were destroyed and classified materials were burned or shredded and the U.S. embassy doors were welded shut after the departure of the embassy, a sign that until the government stabilizes, the United States State department will remain evacuated.

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Hunter Biden Files Lawsuit Against Rudy Giuliani Over ‘Privacy Violation’



hunter biden

In a legal development that has garnered significant attention, Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, has filed a lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani, the former lawyer for President Trump. The lawsuit alleges that Giuliani violated Biden’s privacy rights by disseminating content obtained from Biden’s controversial laptop.

This complaint was submitted to the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California and places the primary responsibility for the alleged violation of Biden’s digital privacy squarely on Giuliani. Additionally, the lawsuit names Robert Costello, a former federal prosecutor who had previously represented Giuliani, as a co-defendant.

According to the complaint, Giuliani and Costello are accused of dedicating substantial time and effort to search for, hack into, tamper with, manipulate, copy, disseminate, and scrutinize data they claim to have obtained from Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop computer. However, Biden’s attorneys vehemently argue that the data in question did not originate from a laptop but rather from an external drive. This external drive is reported to contain pictures, videos, emails, and other data that have created legal and political challenges for Hunter Biden since they were first published by the New York Post in 2020.

Giuliani and Costello have openly acknowledged obtaining copies of files from a hard drive device that Hunter Biden allegedly left at a Delaware computer repair shop in 2019. This information was subsequently provided to the New York Post in October 2020, leading to a story that relied on Hunter Biden’s emails to suggest that President Biden was involved in a business deal with a Ukrainian company that had appointed Hunter to its board.

House Republicans initiated an impeachment inquiry into President Biden, alleging that he used his position as vice president to dissuade Ukrainian prosecutors from investigating the company employing his son. These lawmakers also claim that the president had a hand in various business dealings orchestrated by Hunter Biden. President Biden has consistently denied any involvement in his son’s business affairs.

According to reports from Fox News, Hunter Biden’s legal team had previously sent cease-and-desist letters to Giuliani and others who obtained and disseminated the laptop’s contents. The present lawsuit seeks a court order to prevent Giuliani and others from accessing, tampering with, manipulating, or copying Biden’s data. It also demands the return of the alleged “device/hard drive” to Hunter Biden, along with any backup files, cloud files, or copies of the data.

This lawsuit marks the latest chapter in a series of legal actions taken by Hunter Biden and his lawyers to counteract leaks of personal information that thrust his private life into the spotlight of conservative media outlets.

Earlier this month, Hunter Biden sued former President Trump’s aide Garrett Ziegler, accusing him of disseminating explicit content from the device. In March, Biden initiated a countersuit against John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of the Wilmington, Delaware, computer repair shop, accusing him of unlawfully disseminating personal information and invasion of privacy.

John Paul Mac Isaac initially filed a lawsuit against Hunter Biden, CNN, Politico, and Rep. Adam Schiff in October 2022, alleging defamation. Mac Isaac reported alerting the FBI after Hunter Biden failed to retrieve the laptop within three months of dropping it off at his shop. He claims that the laptop contained emails related to then-Vice President Joe Biden’s purported foreign business dealings and explicit videos.

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