Who is Joseph Mifsud and What’s His Relation to Russia Investigation?

“The core of the conspiracy theory against Donald Trump has been that Joseph Mifsud had some ties to the Russian government, relaid information to Trump campaign member George Papadopoulos, and that set off this tide of the FBI investigatory trail,” explained in his opening Dan Bongino the host of ‘Hannity’ on Tuesday evening.

Bongino went on to point out that “Special Counsel Robert Mueller in his report said ‘Mifsud had Russian connections’ and that was far different from him being a Russian agent, what are we missing on that'” Bongino asked Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), a House Intelligence Committee ranking member.

“I have no idea whether Mifsud is a Russian asset or a Western intelligent asset, or a double agent…or what?” said Nunes.  “All I know is that after $40 million, we still don’t know anymore than we knew before…and this is supposedly the guy who knew about Hillary Clinton’s emails.”

Watch full Nunes video on Fox News.

This is an excerpt from a previous story of mine on Papadopoulos and Joseph Mifsud:

Around the same time, a London professor named Joseph Mifsud, who has been in hiding since his name surfaced in the news, had already told Papadopoulos that the Russians had thousands of emails from Clinton that could expose her wrongdoing. Mifsud also introduces Papadopoulos to a Russian woman, who Mifsud claims later to be a niece of Putin. But Papadopoulos said he didn’t buy that claim either, saying she was an “obscure young girl…who barely spoke English to all of the sudden writing in fluent English in emails to me.”

Papadopoulos said that he didn’t believe he was speaking to the same woman he met through Mifsud.

“I’ve never met a Russian official in my life,” said Papadopoulos, who added that Mifsud’s claims about Clinton’s emails were interesting, but that rumors had already been in the media for months before.

However, Papadopolous contends that he never followed up on what Mifsud was saying about Clinton and Mifsud’s promises to introduce him to senior Russian officials never came to fruition. In fact, he didn’t trust Mifsud, he said.