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WHO: Healthy kids and teens no longer need COVID vaccine




The World Health Organization updated their Covid-19 vaccine guidance on, Tuesday, stating that healthy children and teenagers don’t need the vaccine. It was in direct contrast to the agency’s previous recommendations and coincides with many parents who argued against given the emergency use vaccine to their children.

COVID Vaccine

The WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) met a week prior to announcing their revised guidance on the vaccine to pave out a roadmap that prioritizes who needs the vaccine. The roadmap has three different groups of priority for obtaining the vaccine, high priority, medium priority and low priority. High priority being those who are at a severe risk of disease and death in the case that they contracted Covid-19. Below are the statistics on the development of myocarditis in children after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, according to the CDC.

  • 5-11 years: 23 verified reports of myocarditis after 23,376,785 doses administered
  • 12-15 years: 376 verified reports of myocarditis after 25,913,772 doses administered
  • 16-17 years: 316 verified reports of myocarditis after 14,180,263 doses administered

VaccinePicture 1643122693

“Updated to reflect that much of the population is either vaccinated or previously infected with COVID-19, or both, the revised roadmap reemphasizes the importance of vaccinating those still at-risk of severe disease, mostly older adults and those with underlying conditions, including with additional boosters,” stated SAGE Chair Dr. Hanna Nohynek in a press release on the WHO website, according to Fox News.

In contrast to what the American public has been told for the past 3 years, SAGE now only recommends the full vaccine series and one booster dose for healthy adults age 60 and under but does no additional boosters are recommended, according to reports.

Furthermore, Dr. Hanna Nohynek added, “countries should consider their specific context in deciding whether to continue vaccinating low-risk groups, like healthy children and adolescents, while not compromising the routine vaccines that are so crucial for the health and well-being of this age group.”

Children Covid

The WHO does recommend that children with underlying health conditions and who are at risk of developing severe conditions when infected with Covid-19 continue to get vaccinated. It is also still recommended that infants under the age of 6 months and pregnant women should receive the vaccine.


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Border Patrol Council President concerned over ‘influx’ of military-aged Chinese men crossing the southern border



US chinese relations

According to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol data Border Patrol agents detained over 30,000 Chinese individuals for illegally crossing the border from January to November 2023, sparking concern.

Just The News reports that National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd on Wednesday said the United States should be incredibly concerned by the influx of military-aged Chinese men coming across the southern border.

“Why are we seeing this influx?” Judd asked on the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show. “At best, they’re just coming here for a better life or for a better job. At worse, they’re coming here to be part of the Chinese government, and that’s what scares me an awful lot.”

“We know that the Chinese have huge gangs here in the United States, and they control certain parts of our country,” he later said. “They control the drug flow. They control the prostitution. They control everything that’s illegal in certain portions of the country. We have to look into that. It’s very important that we understand why we are having so many people from China, especially military-aged men, from China.”

“I don’t want to cause mass hysteria where United States citizens are violent towards people from China,” Judd said. “However, we have to … allow the intelligence community to do their job. We’ve got to let law enforcement do their job and look into these individuals.”

Many Chinese immigrants are leaving due to economic conditions in China and its strict lockdowns, Yahoo News reported.

“Again, at best, they’re here for a better life,” Judd said. “At worst, they’re here to be part of the Chinese government to infiltrate our own country.”

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