White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham responded to an open-letter Sunday from thirteen of her predecessors, calling on her to hold a press briefing.

The White House has not held a press briefing since Grisham succeeded Sarah Huckabee Sanders on July 1, 2019.

In a CNN story ‘Why America needs to hear from its government,’ thirteen press secretaries (who worked in the Clinton, Obama and both Bush administrations), opine, “We respectfully urge the resumption of regular press briefings across our government, especially in the places where Americans want the truth, our allies in the world want information, and where all of us, hopefully, want to see American values reflected.”

Grisham’s Response

Grisham, who also serves as White House Communications Director responded to those press secretaries in an interview with Axios on Sunday.

“They can publicly pile on all they want,” Grisham said of the signatories. “It’s unfortunate, because I’ve always felt I was in this small club of only twenty nine others who really know what I deal with each day, and that was always comforting. They may not say it publicly, but they all understand why I do things differently. They know I have three roles.”

In addition, Grisham delivered a message to members of the White House press corps.

“The press has unprecedented access to President Trump, yet they continue to complain because they can’t grandstand on TV,” she told Axios. “They’re not looking for information, they’re looking for a moment. This president is unorthodox in everything he’s done. He’s rewritten the rules of politics. His press secretary and everyone else in the administration is reflective of that.”

Some of these unconventional exchanges include the President meeting with members of the press prior to boarding Marine One and sharing his thoughts on Twitter.

Grisham ended her statement to Axios by saying, “my team and I are always available to the press.”