Whitaker: Congress Needs to Ensure 2020 is ‘Uninterfered by Foreign Adversaries’

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony Wednesday provided no new information to the American people wasting both their time and their tax dollars.

Now, the onus is on Democratic lawmakers for solely focusing on impeachment. Former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker told “Fox & Friends” Thursday that “It was completely unfair to President Trump to have this hanging over his head for two years.”

Additionally, Mueller was a prop for the Democrats however, he wasn’t their best tool. As Sara A. Carter reported on this website, it was ‘hapless’ at best. Whitaker, a prosecutor who’s charged thousands of crimes told Fox New’s hosts said it wasn’t Mueller’s job to exonerate anyone.

Carter wrote that Mueller “was not fully aware of the details in his own report and sadly, he had a difficult time answering the most simplest of questions.”

She called it “painful.”

Ultimately, Whitaker said, Mueller revealed the malice Democrats have towards President Trump.

“The Democrats now are I think are in a real challenging position as to what to do because they’ve invested so much of their anti-Trump opposition to Bob Mueller and his report and I think we all saw it yesterday. It’s not as big and as strong and as difficult as maybe we thought it was,” said Whitaker.

Further, he said, “Congress needs to spend more time on making sure that the 2020 election is clean and uninterfered by foreign adversaries.”



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