Whistleblower DHS official speaks out about the border crisis

On Thursday night, Fox News’s “Hannity” aired an exclusive interview where a Department of Homeland Security official whistleblower unleashed on the crisis at the Southern border and the mishandling of the situation from top U.S. leadership.

“Morale is low,” the official, whose identity was hidden due to the current gag order on DHS officials, told Sara Carter. “There’s an overwhelming feeling that at a moment’s notice that you can be redirected into something more mundane, less what you signed up for which is basically to patrol the border. People are just very burned out and there’s not a lot of optimism that it’s gonna get better anytime soon.”

When asked if they’re frustrated with the current immigration policies, the official said, “Yes, because the policies were implemented irresponsibly and I think they do not have any sense of realism with people that implemented them because they’re not down here, they haven’t been here, they don’t have significant law enforcement backgrounds that I’m aware of…Until you’ve done this job, or actually have some feedback from people who have, you’re not well equipped to manage the human capital that’s involved in working this.”

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas denies that there’s a gag order in place, but DHS officials tell SaraACarter.com that’s not the case. Moreover, migrant detention facilities have been close to media and only a few images and videos have been released showing the crowded and concerning conditions.

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