While Joe Biden Dodges Interviews, His Wife Confirms on Fox: ‘He’ll Be There’ For Debates

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden, put rumors to rest Tuesday afternoon in an interview with Fox New’s host Dana Perino with The Daily Briefing as to whether or not her husband will debate President Donald Trump.

“Yes, he’ll be there,” she said. Jill Biden also told Perino he plans to participate in all three scheduled debates. In fact, a recent New York Times editorial suggested that the presidential debates be scrapped completely and rumors began circulating that Biden’s camp was going to do just that.

The interview, however, focused on subjects that ranged from the Biden‘s love story to Jill’s favorite workout class.

She considers her husband neither right nor left but a “moderate,” she told Perino.

Dr. Jill Biden also touched on questions regarding her husband’s mental health, which is a subject of much speculation. She denied that there were any issues and was not pressed on the matter. She also spoke about her friendship with former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Biden said she is confused why Trump questions her husband’s health since they are around the same age — while choosing to avoid talking about her husband’s constant gaffes and memory lapses.

The interview didn’t touch hot issues like their son Hunter Biden’s ties to China and Ukraine or other issues that have recently surfaced about her husband’s role in the FBI’s investigation into Trump and Russia.

She, however, assure voters that the former Vice President will show up to all three debates — unless the push for him to skip the debates wins over.