What’s the story behind Chuck Schumer’s ‘plant-based beer’?

Source: Twitter: @SenSchumer

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) paired the Oscars with a beer Sunday night, tweeting that it was “plant-based.” The tweet has confused a lot of people. So, let’s break it down.

It all started over the weekend on Fox News’ Kudlow. Host Larry Kudlow reacted to President Joe Biden announcing on Earth Day that he is committed to cutting carbon emissions by 50%. But, according to a study coming out of the University of Michigan, it will cost a great deal to reach these targets proposed by the Biden Green Deal. For instance, Americans would have to cut down immensely on eating animal products. Kudlow poked fun at the idea of middle America giving up dairy, eggs, meat and cheese.

“No burgers on July 4th. No steaks on the barbie. I’m sure middle America is going to love that,” Kudlow joked on his show.

But then the joke got carried away. As Kudlow tried to paint a picture of a completely plant-based barbecue, he made a mistake.

“So get ready,” the host said on his Friday show. “You can throw back a plant-based beer with your grilled brussel sprouts and wave your American flag.” Apparently, he’d forgotten that beer already comes from a plant: barley.

Sen. Schumer took the opportunity to poke some fun with Kudlow, thanking Joe Biden for a plant-based beer. Really, it was Kudlow himself who coined the term. But now, Schumer is taking the heat for appearing to not know that all beer is plant-based. Now you’re in on the joke.