WH Press Secretary: Trump Willing to release transcripts…will set bad precedent


“[President Trump] is willing to do it, I think. But there’s a lot of other people, lawyers and … such that may have a problem with it. So we’ll see what happens,” said White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham on Fox and Friends this morning.

“When foreign leaders come together to speak, they need to be able to speak candidly,” Grisham said. “I do think that perhaps releasing this kind of a transcript could set a bad precedent.”

“This is just another reason for Democrats and for the media to attack and look for things that just aren’t there,” Grisham continued.

“The fact of the matter is, the president has calls with foreign leaders all the time. People are listening [in] on those calls generally. There’s some kind of a transcription made generally. And the president knows that. And he’s above board.”

“They can keep yelling [impeachment]. This just shows they don’t have anything to run on themselves,” Grisham added. “They’ve no issues. They can’t get anything done. So they’re going to attack this president. It’s fine.”