May 1, 2020

WH Press Sec. On Flynn: ‘What we’ve learned…should scare every American’

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany took to the White House briefing room podium on Friday for the first time since being named to the position. Although she didn’t receive a question on former National Security Advisor for President Trump Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s case in the first round of reporters’ questions, McEnany took a moment to address the “case of injustice”, issuing a serious warning to the American public as shocking Brady material allegedly showing evidence that he was set up by the FBI continues to be exposed.

“What we’ve all learned from that should scare every American citizen. The fact that you had Jim Comey admitting in December of last year that he violated a protocol by directing agents to confront Flynn and something that he ‘wouldn’t have gotten away with under previous administrations,” McEnany said.

She added, “The FBI told Flynn he didn’t need a lawyer when they came to meet with him. McCabe told FBI agents that he didn’t think Flynn was lying. And all of that information, we’ve learned over the last few months and years culminates in the fact that we have a handwritten FBI note that says ‘we need to get Flynn to lie and get him fired.’ There was an unfair target on the back of General Michael Flynn. It should concern every American. Anytime there’s a partisan pursuit of an individual, and that’s certainly at least those questions are raised with regard to General Michael Flynn an honorable man who served his country.”

As Sara A. Carter reported this week, a number of redacted handwritten notes, emails, and text messages were unsealed and allegedly revealed that Flynn was set up for a perjury trap by senior officials and agents at the FBI.

“Those handwritten notes and emails revealed that the retired three-star general appeared to be set up for a perjury trap and that senior FBI officials were also intending to target him to get him ‘fired’ by the President,” Carter reported on Thursday.