WATCH: Zuckerberg caught on leaked video listing punishments for Facebook whistleblowers

Project Veritas obtained video Friday of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressing his concern for whistleblowers in the company. The video was part of an internal question and answer session, moderated by Facebook Internal Communications Director Melinda Davenport.

In the video, Zuckerberg talks about a zero-tolerance police. “We need to find and terminate people who leak stuff,” Zuckerberg said. “And we’re very good at rooting out people who are leaking stuff.”

Facebook VP, Deputy General Counsel, Employment Law and Investigations Heidi Swartz was also in the meeting. Swartz pointed to former Facebook employee and whistleblower Morgan Kahmann, using her as an example of what happens to whistleblowers in the company.

“I know some people here feel that there are good leaks and there are bad leaks,” Swartz said, “but they are all damaging and they are not the right way to bring about change.”

This comes roughly a week since Project Veritas’ last whistleblower report on Facebook. In the video, the Facebook executives pointed out that the leak was dangerous because it didn’t bother to protect the names of its employees.

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