July 29, 2020

Watch Live: Big Tech Bosses Face Off With Congress. How Much Power Is Too Much Power?

This story is developing and will be updated throughout the day.

If there is an area where some Democrats and Republicans can find some common ground in these divisive days, may be the extraordinary power and reach of big tech companies and social media giants.

On Wednesday, some of the biggest tech giants, to include Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg; Amazon’s Jeff Bezos; and Google’s Sudar Pichai are squaring off with members of Congress in a highly anticipated antitrust subcommittee hearing.

Their testimony is crucial. And they answers they give to Congressional lawmakers will have to keep opponents in both political parties satisfied. The stakes are high, as members of Congress and the public have become more concerned about civil liberties and the partisan behavior of companies that once promised to be platforms for free thought.

Chairman David Cicilline, a Rhode Island Democrat ,has been leading an investigation into the tech giants for more than a year. He said “any single action by one of these companies can affect hundreds of millions of us in profound and lasting ways…Simply put: They have too much power.”

Cicilline made that comment in his opening statement and as the hearing goes on it’s easy to gauge why as the powerful tech bosses discuss the extensive role their companies now play in the lives of everyday Americans, from food delivery, medical necessities, as well as privacy issues that are cause for concern with modern technologies.

Watch the hearing live: