WATCH: Harris reminds Biden to not forget mask after he leaves it at podium

On Thursday, President Joe Biden forgot his face mask at the podium, only for Vice President Kamala Harris to remind him.

During his speech, he commemorated the 50 millionth shot of the COVID-19 vaccine given to Americans, at one point saying: “For God’s sake, wear a mask!”

At the closing of a press conference Thursday, Biden thanked the audience for their time and went to go speak with a nurse who had given vaccine shots earlier during the event.

It was when he turned to Harris that she could faintly be heard asking him: “Where’s your mask?”

“My mask,” the president said to himself as he power-walked back to the podium, “my mask, my mask.” Chuckles can be heard on the audio, though it’s unclear if it was the president or someone else in the room.

Biden and Harris together left the event next door to the White House in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building while both wearing masks.

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