WATCH: Hamas leaders living in luxury while the Palestinian people suffer

Journalist Tzvi Yehezkeli reported on the luxurious lifestyle of senior Hamas officials on Israel’s Channel 13, finding that the industry of ‘wretchedness’ actually brings over $10 billion into Gaza. Hamas leadership built their wealth via mall chains, real estate and international donations.

Yehezkeli interviewed radio broadcaster and political commentator Sami Obeid who called these senior officials “thieves.”

“For the simple, embittered citizen, there’s no food, no money, no life, no work, nothing, nothing nothing. There’s nothing. Because of Hamas,” Obeid told the reporter.

Instead of international donations going to those in need in Gaza, Yehezkeli claims that Hamas leadership pockets it for themselves. Pictures of their million-dollar homes are completely intact and far from the destruction of the rest of the Gaza Strip.

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