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Watch: Doug Collins Releases ‘Brady Bunch’ Parody Calling Out Opponent Senator Loeffler



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As election day nears in heated senate races, wild things tend to happen. Ridiculous ads, personal attacks, and sometimes…Brady Bunch parodies.

Georgia Rep. Doug Collins is running against appointed Senator Kelly Loeffler, who took the seat in January when Former Senator John Isakson resigned from his third term over health concerns.


The video calls out Loeffler’s past donations to Democratic candidates which has been a frequent line of attack.

Reports have found, however, that Loeffler has donated to both Republicans and Democrats in the past — and Democrats received little of the funds. Fox Business reported “out of the $3.2 million Loeffler and Sprecher have donated to political action committees, less than 3 percent went to Democratic candidates or causes.”

Collins has also called out the activities of the Women’s National Basketball Association team she co-owns, the Atlanta Dream.

Loeffler is in hot water after she announced her opposition to the measures her team was taking to promote Black Lives Matter. She proposed instead of jerseys saying, “Black Lives Matter” or “Say Her Name” that the team should be opt for more American themed uniforms.

“The truth is, we need less—not more politics in sports,” Loeffler said. “In a time when polarizing politics is as divisive as ever, sports has the power to be a unifying antidote.”

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Federal Reserve Economist on hidden camera: ‘we don’t want Trump to be in the government’



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Hidden Camera captures Principal Economist at the Federal Reserve talking about Jerome Powell’s legacy as “somebody who held the line against like, Trump.” According to hidden camera footage of Aurel Hizmo, principal economist at the Federal Reserve, the U.S. agency could have fixed inflation a while ago but refused to do so for fear of hurting President Joe Biden’s re-election efforts.

Hizmo told an undercover reporter that the Fed stopped raising the rates to tackle inflation because it could cause a recession that would likely end Biden’s 2024 campaign.

The influential agency responsible for maintaining a stable monetary system appears to not just be establishing interest rates, but to be setting policies for desired social outcomes. “Under Powell, the Fed has changed to think about equity issues, like racial issues, think about wealth inequality as part of the mandate, as part of the things we are following. Think about climate change.” Aurel Hizmo, Principal Economist at the Federal Reserve, who prior to working at the Fed was an Assistant Professor helps write speeches for Federal Reserve Board Chair Jerome Powell for the Federal Open Market Committee.

Hizmo says “Trump is just a crazy person” and conservatives are “dumb” as he describes to OMG’s American Swiper Citizen Journalist a politicized Federal Reserve Board where Powell has promoted ESG issues like climate change and “wants to be remembered in history” “as a savior.” But shhh…don’t tell anyone because Hizmo says: “I’m just really worried that I’m saying stuff that’s classified…It’s all classified.”



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