July 29, 2020

Watch: Biden Tells Reporters, He Doesn’t Know Where He Is

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden told reporters “I didn’t know where we were,” during a speech on Tuesday in Wilmington, Del.

Biden came out and welcomed the group to his speech and incorrectly stated the venue they were in and was unable to correct himself until reading his notes, as reported by the Free Beacon.

“Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to Kingswood Community Center,” Biden said and then paused. “Actually, that’s the one down where I used to work. That’s a joke. I didn’t know where we were.”

The 77-year-old had to glance at his notes to identify the correct location as the William “Hicks” Anderson Community Center. Biden then delivered remarks and took questions from reporters.

The mishap follows public questioning of his mental health, with 38% of likely voters thinking Biden has dementia. The newest slipup adds to a collection of Biden memory lapses.

Nearly tied in the polls with President Trump, Biden may not have a lot of room to forget his location again.