Warren Dodges Sanders’ Handshake In ‘Awkward’ Moment For Tom Steyer

Viewers of Tuesday night’s CNN-hosted Democratic debate may have found that they were less than entertained by the candidates’ talking points.

The most exciting part just might have been moments after the debate concluded during what appeared to be a tense exchange between Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The only person who may have known exactly what was said during the exchange was Tom Steyer, who was approaching the two for a final handshake when he found himself in the crossfire of that conversation. Despite his close physical proximity to the two candidates, Steyer said he didn’t hear anything.

“It was one of those awkward moments where I felt like you know I need to move on as fast as possible,” Steyer told CNN host Anderson Cooper following the debate.

“Look, you could see it was an awkward moment and that’s what I could see. So my goal was simply to say goodnight to two people who I respect. The last thing I wanted to do was get in between the two of them and try and listen in. That was not my goal and I didn’t do it.”