War Correspondent: ‘It’s a war out there’ on the border

Source: Michael Yon

Over a month has passed since Vice President Kamala Harris was named the Biden administration’s Border Czar and she has yet to visit the Southern border or give a press conference on the current migrant surge. Now, reporters are visiting the border themselves to get the real story. Michael Yon has reported on wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, he’s reporting on what he describes as another “war” at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The former Green Beret walks today’s “trail of tears,” as he calls it. He’s experiencing the border crossing just as these migrants do. He called into the Sara Carter Podcast from the Darien Jungle in Panama.

“It’s literally a war out there,” Yon said. “It’s war-time level dangerous.”

For many of these migrants, Yon explains, they’re traveling from the eastern hemisphere. People from all over the Middle East and Africa make the trip to the South American continent. They enter via Brazil or Ecuador because neither country requires a visa at entry. Yon is stationed at the Darien gap, a stretch of land between Colombia and Panama, where most of these migrants travel through.

The migrants he talks to don’t recommend that anyone make the journey. Even though they tend to travel in groups, they tell Yon stories of all those that die along the way. Often no one bothers to bury these bodies that are left on the sides of the path, he said, adding that women also face the danger of being raped as they traverse these countries.

It’s been heavy work to record the stories of these migrants. Luckily, Yon says he’s coped with it by going on nature walks.

“You got to get in the sunshine,” Yon told Sara. “I find it extremely helpful to just go for long walks.”