VP on Trump’s Police Reform E.O.: ‘We’re not gonna defund the police, quite the contrary’

President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order on policing Tuesday that will implement new resources and norms for law enforcement. Some of that change includes bringing social workers into communities, reforming use of force standards, and keeping records on officer behavior.

“Today, even as Congress considers legislation…, The President is gonna take this action to assure the American people that we’re listening, we’re supporting law enforcement, we’re not gonna defund the police, quite the contrary, we’re gonna find new resources to help departments obtain certifications that improve standards for the use of force, improve training, de-escalation. That’s exactly what the American people want us to do,” Vice President Mike Pence told “Fox & Friends” hosts Tuesday morning.

The White House says that the order will support both better public safety and public trust. Moreover, it will support police, equipping them with the resources necessary to keep the country safe.