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Union Transparency Nonprofit Counters LA Hospitality Union’s Push for Homeless Housing in Hotels



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A nonprofit organization focused on promoting union transparency, the Center for Union Facts (CUF), has launched an advertising campaign aimed at countering the efforts of Los Angeles hospitality union Unite Here Local 11’s proposal to house homeless individuals in hotels.

According to reports from Fox News, the ad campaign, titled “Hotel Hell: Local 11’s Plan to Turn Hotels into Homeless Shelters,” targets the Responsible Hotels Ordinance advocated by Local 11. This ordinance seeks to provide temporary lodging for homeless families and individuals, drawing a parallel to the pandemic-era Project Roomkey initiative.

The ad features a homeless individual sifting through a trash can outside a hotel, accompanied by a narrator warning that the union’s proposal seeks to “turn hotels into homeless shelters,” according to reports.

Moreover, the narrative then shifts to a homeless person soliciting change from a family’s hotel room, while the narrator contends that the union’s plan could jeopardize the safety of hotel guests, staff, and homeless individuals.

In addition, Charlyce Bozzello, the communications director at CUF, expressed concerns over the potential risks posed by Local 11’s plan, in an interview with Fox News digital. Bozzello noted that turning hotels into makeshift homeless shelters could compromise the safety and well-being of various stakeholders, including guests, staff, and homeless individuals themselves.

She questioned the appeal of staying in hotels if guests were potentially sharing spaces with individuals facing complex challenges, including drug use or mental health issues.

In a synchronized move, the Center for Union Facts (CUF) has launched an offensive by unveiling a new front: This digital platform serves as a beacon, shedding light on the perceived risks and adverse outcomes tied to the conversion of vacant hotel rooms into shelters for the homeless.

Through, CUF casts a stark spotlight on the dire aftermath that has unfolded from similar voucher initiatives like California’s Project Roomkey and New York’s homeless hotel endeavor. The website places a spotlight on a range of concerns, spanning from tragic fatalities and violent incidents to the unhygienic exposure to bodily fluids and the grim specter of property damage.

The website delves into the reality faced by workers in the realm of “homeless hotels,” where health hazards and precarious situations, including the presence of dangerous individuals, loom large. It also chronicles instances of rapid deterioration in conditions, leading to harm for both homeless occupants and hotel staff.

CUF’s mission through this campaign and website is clear: to offer a perspective on the potential repercussions of repurposing hotels for homeless accommodation, all while advocating for a strategy that places paramount importance on the safety and well-being of all parties involved.

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Historic House Vote Expels Rep. George Santos Amidst Scandal



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In a turn of events, the House of Representatives made history on Friday with a vote to expel Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.), marking the first such expulsion in over two decades. A moment fraught with gravity unfolded as Speaker Mike Johnson wielded his gavel to formalize Santos’ removal, setting a precedent in congressional annals.

Santos, indicted on 23 counts related to wire fraud, identity theft, and other charges, has not faced conviction but stands accused of misusing campaign funds for opulent purchases. The bipartisan vote, tallying 311 to 114, signaled robust support for expulsion, with a marginally higher number of Republicans opting to retain Santos.

Questions loomed as Speaker Johnson left the chamber, his silence leaving the fate of the ongoing government spending battle uncertain. According to reports from Fox News, Democratic Rep. Steny Hoyer emphasized the non-partisan nature of the decision, asserting that members concluded Santos had tarnished the House’s reputation and was unfit for representation.

Within the GOP, conflicting opinions emerged, with Rep. Darrell Issa arguing against expulsion, citing the presumption of innocence. The tight-lipped stance of the House Ethics Committee played a pivotal role in the deliberations.

Conversely, members of the New York Republican delegation, led by Rep. Marc Molinaro, asserted Santos’ commission of crimes, justifying expulsion based on a comprehensive investigation.

Santos himself predicted the outcome in an exclusive morning interview on “FOX & Friends.” This vote not only underlines the House’s rare use of expulsion powers but also sets a critical precedent in handling members facing severe legal challenges.

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