U.S. Officially Withdraws From the World Health Organization

The U.S. has officially submitted a notice of withdrawal from the World Health Organization — effective July 6, 2021 — to the UN Secretary-General, according to a senior administration official.

The Trump White House and the international health body have been at odds for months over the US-19 handling of COVID-19 and the WHO’s relationship with China.

The move comes months after Trump began calling out the organization for its ties to China — it took until last week for the WHO to admit they first heard of the virus in December from the US and that China never self-reported.

Trump wrote a letter to the WHO calling for it to show independence from China in May and discussed leaving the body all together for months if it didn’t make serious changes — it appears the revisions weren’t made in time.

The withdrawing period will take place over the next year with the US fully removed by July 6, 2021.