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January 10, 2021

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey mocks removal of Parler from App Store

By Ben Wilson

Jack Dorsey took to his platform to taunt Parler after its removal from the Apple App Store on Saturday. The free-speech alternative to Dorsey’s censorship-filed site has since been removed from Google Play and Amazon Web Services—meaning it will be offline until a new host is selected.

Parler has reigned as the number one app on the Apple App Store since President Trump’s twitter suspension on Friday. A conservative exodus began as twitter was filled with conservatives sharing Parler handles—until a big tech coordinated attack nuked the platform from existence.

Dorsey celebrated his competition’s removal by posting a screenshot of the App Store, showing Signal as the number one app—Parler held the spot just hours before the screenshot.

Dorsey added a heart emoji for extra emphasis.

Parler CEO John Matze responded to Jack’s post, saying “That’s real cute.”

“Yeah, we were number one until the fake news rage mob at Twitter and your anti-competitive friends went after us,” Matze wrote.

Matze earlier responded to the Apple App Store ban and called out the hashtag “Hang Mike Pence” that was allowed to trend on Twitter for hours, as reported by Business Insider.

“They claim it is due to violence on the platform. The community disagrees as we hit number 1 on their store today,” Matze wrote. 

While Parler is expected to go offline tonight amid Amazon pulling its web services, the free-speech app will find a new server to utilize and perhaps one day be able to fire a heart emoji right back at Dorsey.

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