September 15, 2020

Trump: The Palestinians Will ‘100% Come To The Table’ For Middle East Peace

President Donald Trump will welcome delegations from Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain to the White House Tuesday to sign a historic peace accord. It’s just the beginning to peace in the Middle East, Trump told Fox & Friends Tuesday morning, revealing that other countries are in talks with his administration to sign similar deals and he expects even the Palestinians and Iran to join in.

The Palestinian leadership has expressed condemnation and Palestinian Authority prime minister Mohammad Shtayyeh called the signing of the Abraham accords Tuesday “a dark day in the history of the Arab nation and of the Arab League.” The Palestinians said they will also boycott the Dubai world fair next year.

The Arab League, which infamously said ‘no’ to peace with Israel with the 1967 Khartoum Resolution, has now two member countries making peace with Israel. That support, however, has led the Palestinian leadership to ‘reconsider’ its relationship with the Arab League.

Still, President Trump says the Palestinians are quietly cozying up to a similar peace deal and are changing their tune with the United States after U.S. aid was scaled back. That has been central to the Trump administration’s foreign policy agenda to ensure that the U.S. is spending money wisely and that other countries are paying their fair share.

“The Palestinians are very difficult to deal with and we paid them a tremendous amount of money for many decades,” Trump told Fox & Friends Tuesday. “We paid them money, It was almost like hostage money, It was bribe money and it was foolish, and I took it away. A year and a half ago, I said, why are we paying when they say terrible things about us, ‘death to America,’ all of these things they said and we’re gonna pay them $750,000,000, yeah, it’s a lot of money.

He added, “We pay them all this money and they speak badly about us. I said I’m gonna end the money, let them know we’re not gonna pay it anymore. We didn’t pay it anymore. But, other countries were paying, other very rich countries would pay, but we don’t pay it anymore.”

As more and more countries signal they will sign onto deals similar to Tuesday’s accord, Trumps says, the Palestinians will certainly come to the negotiating table, adding that Iran may too.

Like the Palestinian leadership, Iran has condemned the Abraham accords. But the Gulf countries, including the UAE and Bahrain, said Iran must not interfere with any talks with Israel.

“When we start getting the rest of the countries in, they will come to the table 100%,” Trump said. “They’re actually getting to a point where they’re gonna want to make a deal. They won’t say that outwardly, they want to make a deal, ok. And I’ll tell you who else wants to make a deal, Iran wants to make a deal… They’re hoping that Biden gets in…”