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Trump ‘STRONGLY’ demands drug tests before debate says Sleepy Biden’s unnatural performance questionable



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It’s literally only days before one of the most – or the most – anticipated presidential debate in modern political history and President Donald Trump is demanding both candidates be administered drug test.

Why? Because there is growing speculation that former Vice President Joe Biden – who is known for his mix-ups and gaffes – suddenly seems to have a burst of questionable lucidity. That lucidity is seemingly unexplained, said Trump.

In an early Sunday morning Tweet the President laid down the challenge. Trump was reportedly headed to his private golf club in Virginia when he called out Biden into accepting the ground rules for a drug test.

Trump said “naturally, I will agree to take one also.”

There was lots of joking around on Twitter after Trump challenged Biden.

Matt Taibbi, a writer for Rolling Stone magazine, joked that instead of the test, maybe both candidates should be administered drugs publicly by a “road manager of a metal band.”

However, Trump is making a serious point. Why? Because the main stream media isn’t questioning Biden’s strange past statements, or his recent seemingly good performances that come out of nowhere and after days out of the public eye.

Here’s some Biden gaffes below.

Remember when Biden promised to ‘get our kids to market swiftly.’ Of course, it was another one of his famous gaffes but at first I thought it was part of his efforts to cut back on gas emissions, as I previously reported.

And who can forget the ‘corn pop’ gaffe. It’s the best one yet.
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Analysis: Biden unlikely to sanction Iran’s oil exports, gas prices ‘critical during an election year’



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Analysts say President Joe Biden is unlikely to “prompt dramatic sanctions action on Iran’s oil exports” due to “worries about boosting oil prices and angering top buyer China” according to Reuters.

Speaking to Fox News on Sunday, House Republican Representative Steve Scalise, said the administration had made it easier for Iran to sell its oil, generating revenues that were being used to “go fund terrorist activity.”

The Biden administration has maintained for months that among its primary goals is to keep the Gaza conflict between terror group Hamas and Israel from turning into a wider regional war. However, House Republican leaders accused President Joe Biden of failing to enforce existing measures and said they would take up this week a series of bills to sharpen sanctions on Iran.

Kimberly Donovan, a sanctions and anti-money laundering expert at the Atlantic Council, said that oil-related sanctions have not been strictly enforced in the past couple of years.

“I would not expect the administration to tighten enforcement in response to Iran’s missile and drone attacks against Israel over the weekend, mainly for concerns (that) could lead to increases in oil prices,” she said.

“The price of oil and ultimately the prices of gas at the pump become critical during an election year.”
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