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Trump slams Durham: ‘Is he a living, breathing human being?’




Former President Donald Trump ripped John Durham in a statement for not releasing findings on the origins of the Russia probe that rocked the White House during his tenure.

“Is he a living, breathing human being?” Trump said in a statement.

(READ) New short statement about Durham issued by Donald ...

“Where’s Durham? Is he a living, breathing human being? Will there ever be a Durham report?”

Durham has been investigating the origins of the Russia probe for two years, and was named special counsel by former Attorney General William Barr last October.

Trump has long mocked the Russia investigations and hopes Durham’s findings will prove his arguments that the origin of the “hoax” was corrupt and illegal.

Biden has pledged to not interfere, and Durham has all the DOJ resources necessary since Barr gave him special counsel status.

Barr said nearly six months ago that Durham “is authorized to investigate whether any federal official, employee, or any other person or entity violated the law in connection with the intelligence, counter-intelligence, or law-enforcement activities directed at the 2016 presidential campaigns, individuals associated with those campaigns, and individuals associated with the administration of President Donald J. Trump, including but not limited to Crossfire Hurricane and the investigation of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III.”

There have been no reported signs of life for John Durham, however, since Trump raised the question Friday.

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ICE arrests over 130 illegal migrant sex offenders



Police ICE

Just The News put together a terrifying report on the announcement by officers with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Enforcement and Removal Operations. Data released Monday unearthed that the agency arrested more than 130 sex offenders illegally present in the United States in a nationwide campaign.

From Oct. 22 through Nov. 4, law enforcement arrested 138 noncitizens, “including some with an executable final order of removal,” ICE wrote in a statement about the operation.

“Many of those arrested were described as citizens of Mexico who were convicted of child sex crimes. Offenders’ published ages ranged from 24 to 65″ adds Just The News.

“These sex offenders will be removed from the U.S., ending and impeding their ability to further victimize residents,” said Salt Lake City ICE official Michael Bernacke.

Five noncitizen sex offenders were apprehended in the Salt Lake City area, 21 were arrested in the Los Angeles area, five in the Seattle area and 15 in the San Francisco area.

ICE’s removal office conducted 3,415 arrests of noncitizens for sexual assaults last fiscal year, authorities said.

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