President Donald Trump responded to reports that China is looking to hack into U.S. vaccine research amid the coronavirus pandemic saying, “what else is new.”

“So what else is new. What else is new? Tell me. I’m not happy with China. They should’ve stopped this at the source. They could’ve stopped it right at the source. So now you’re telling me they’re hacking. So, I just say this, Steve, what else is new. We’re watching it very closely,” Trump said during his news conference on Monday.

The New York Times first reported Sunday that the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI are readying a report warning that China’s spies and hackers are working to steal American research in their effort to develop a vaccine against the novel coronavirus.

There are also mounting efforts by the Chinese government to block necessary resources from U.S. researchers working on vaccine and treatment development, including China’s new policy stopping the exportation of research monkeys, as reported by Sara A. Carter.