Trump On Roger Stone Trial: ‘Incredible’ That It ‘Wasn’t Declared A Mistrial Or More’

In an exclusive interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity Thursday night, President Donald Trump suggested that Roger Stone’s case should’ve been declared a mistrial due to extreme bias specifically from the judge and jury.

“Can you believe it? The hatred she [jury forewoman] had for him and for me. And she acted like she was innocent. She ran for Congress or something and lost. But she was like pretending to be an innocent. How did she even get into the jury pool? She must’ve had a little contact,” Trump said.

He continued, “And the judge who’s been brutal, the judge who sentenced Roger has been brutal. Take a look at what she’s done to people.”

“Take a look at what she did for Hillary related things, ok,” Trump explained. “Wasn’t brutal there. But, look at what she did to people. Just take a look at what she’s done and Roger Stone had a jury forewoman who was a disaster. How that’s not declared a mistrial or more than a mistrial, is incredible to anybody that sees it. This is a person that hated Roger Stone, hated me, and obviously said wonderful things.”

Stone spoke exclusively with “The Sara Carter Show” on Thursday and concluded the interview with a plea for the President to either commute his sentence or pardon him. Stone is set to report to jail on Tuesday.

When asked if he would fulfill Stone’s requests, Trump said “we’re gonna see,” adding, “But, I think he was treated very unfairly.”