August 11, 2016 01:29 PM EDT

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VIDEO: Trump says Clinton’s economic plan could be “catastrophic” and that she should “go to jail”

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump on Thursday offered a biting assessment of Hillary Clinton’s new economic plan, saying its policies would be “catastrophic” for Americans and usher in an era of political cronyism, like what occurred at her husband’s foundation while she was secretary of state.

“They should go to jail. It’s pay-for-play, 100 percent,” Trump told Circa during a campaign stop in Miami where he discussed emails showing State Department officials doing favors for donors at the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton served as America’s top diplomat.

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“She was a disaster as a senator from New York.”

“You look at those emails, and what about the 33,000 emails that we can’t filter — that were deleted. These are then ones they are finding.

“The bad ones were the ones that were deleted. She should go to jail — I mean now look, pay-for-play is a very serious charge. It’s illegal and everybody knows that. And those are from a thousand [ema[emails]y just got two nights ago.

“What about the 33,000 emails that were erased, on the illegal server? The whole thing is incredible,” he said.

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“She should go to jail.”

Trailing Clinton in the polls, Trump took direct aim at the new economic plan Clinton was offering Thursday, saying her proposed tax increases and policies would create the same sort of economic malaise that New Yorkers experienced a decade ago when Clinton served as a U.S. senator from that state.

“Well, very simply, she’s giving a massive tax increase, massive $1.3 trillion dollars. This is crazy,” he told Circa.

“We’re already the highest-taxed nation in the world. I’m giving a massive tax decrease. So that’s one big thing. I’m going to get rid of regulations.”

She was a disaster as a Senator from New York. It turned out to be a total disaster.

The Republican businessman, making his first run for public office, cited a Washington Post article earlier in the week that looked at what sort of aid Clinton secured for New York as a senator, suggesting her work helped Clinton cronies at the expense of everyday voters.
“The only people she helped were her friends, the contributors. Unemployment went rampant. It was a total catastrophic situation and she’ll do the same for our country. She has some work to do. She has some work to do.

“She doesn’t have good judgment, whether its Libya, or any other thing. Bernie Sanders made the same statements about Hillary Clinton. She has bad judgment, she has very bad judgment.”

Circa’s Sara Carter speaks with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

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