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Trump Campaign Predicts ‘BIG voter’ turnout on Election Day for President



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Sara Carter spoke with President Donald Trump’s Director of Press Communications, Erin Perrine on The Sara Carter Show podcast Monday and she had some significant optimistic predictions for election night. She said the campaign expects a big voter turn out on Election Day.

She says Trump will win and is strongly encouraging everyone to get out and vote in person at the polls.

“I think that Michigan is very winnable for the president tomorrow…The enthusiasm for him is sky high.”

Erine Perrine

“We’re projecting between 62 and 64% of the votes tomorrow on Election Day are going to go to President Trump,” said Perrine. “And that means we’re going to win four more years.”

The media has been suppressing the support for President Trump but according to Perrine, 56% of the American people know they’re better off now then they were four years ago.

In order to win Pennsylvania and Michigan, President Trump’s Election Day margin needs to be significant.

“I think that Pennsylvania is very much doable for the president,” said Perrine. “We on the campaign are projecting an Election Day vote can cast a margin of over a million people over Joe Biden’s votes for President Trump.”

Perrine has been in Michigan with the Trump Campaign for the past few days.

“I think that Michigan is very winnable for the president tomorrow,” said Perrine. “The enthusiasm for him is sky high.”

There are nearly 2 million votes left in Michigan to be cast.

“We need to we need to win by about 350,000 votes in Michigan, we’re projecting a margin of about 400,000 votes tomorrow in Michigan,” said Perrine.

In preparation for election night, cities across America are boarding up their windows and storefronts.

“All that boarding up you see in these cities is because they know Donald Trump is going to win. We know that these cities are bracing for that red wave, that red tsunami, they see it coming,” said Perrine.

“We’re going to be celebrating because we know we’re getting four more years, but it’s up to everybody to make sure they get out and vote,” she added.

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Special Counsel continues to beg Judge Chutkan to ‘muzzle Donald Trump’



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Special counsel Jack Smith continues to ask U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan to silence former President Donald Trump by any means necessary ahead of an October 16 hearing on a proposed gag order.

Smith’s original request was unsealed last week, prompting Trump to respond on social media platforms and interview, which Smith’s office says bolsters their case to place a gag order on Trump.

In a 22-page filing, senior assistant special counsel Molly Gaston said prosecutors rejected Trump’s claims that their proposed gag order was an attempt to silence him on the campaign trail. Rather, she said, it was an effort to prevent him from trying to make “use of his candidacy as a cover for making prejudicial public statements about this case.”

“[T]here is no legitimate need for the defendant, in the course of his campaign, to attack known witnesses regarding the substance of their anticipated testimony,” Gaston wrote.

“[N]o other criminal defendant would be permitted to issue public statements insinuating that a known witness in his case should be executed,” Gaston wrote. “This defendant should not be, either.”


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