Trump Camp Exposes Twitter’s Double Standard, Releases Altered Audio Of Biden Calling COVID A ‘Hoax’

The Donald J. Trump 2020 reelection Campaign released altered audio on Twitter Thursday of former Vice President and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden calling the coronavirus a “hoax.” Biden never called it a hoax. The campaign, however, used the audio to expose Twitter for allowing many Democratic groups to alter sound of President Trump to trick the public into thinking he called the pandemic a “hoax.” He also never called it that.

“The media is giving a pass to a pro-Biden TV ad that doctors and deceptively edits audio of President Trump, even though every independent fact checker said President Trump DID NOT call the coronavirus a hoax. Joe Biden, on the other hand? This sounds authentic,” the campaign wrote in a tweet with the audio clip.

The Trump campaign and several independent fact checkers have alerted Twitter to the altered videos of Trump, but Twitter refuses to remove them.

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