Trump Calls Speaker Pelosi ‘A Third-Rate Politician’

The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly in favor of legislation condemning the President’s policy to drawback troops in northern Syria. Opponents of the President’s policy believe it is an abandonment of a steadfast ally, the Kurdish people, who fought alongside U.S. troops in the region to obliterate the Islamic State caliphate and say the move emboldened Turkey to invade.

Following the vote, Democratic lawmakers met with President Trump Wednesday afternoon. In a press conference that followed, the group revealed the President appeared to have no plan for the region. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) warned the President of an Islamic State resurgence in the region, citing former Defense Secretary James Mattis’s warning earlier this week.

Sen. Schumer said the President was unwilling to listen and instead, attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling her a “third-rate politician” and telling the group that “there are communists involved and you guys might like that.” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said the group was “deeply offended” by the President’s rhetoric toward House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the meeting.

Earlier Wednesday, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and President Donald Trump engaged in a war of words over how to handle rising tensions in northern Syria. During a press conference with the Italian President Wednesday, Trump told reporters, “Lindsey Graham would like to stay in the Middle East for the next 1,000 years with thousands of soldiers fighting other people’s wars. I wanna get out of the Middle East.”

“I think Lindsey should focus right now on Judiciary, like the Democrats — the do-nothing Democrats as I call them because they’re doing nothing, they’re getting nothing done. They’re not getting USMCA done between Canada, the United States and Mexico. They’re getting nothing done.”

Sen. Graham shared his response in the following series of tweets,

“When it comes to America’s national security I will NEVER be quiet.”

“Mr President, forget about what I’m saying about Syria. Listen to your own national security team who are telling you the consequences of your decision and the impact it will have on our nation.

“President Trump is being told EXACTLY what President Obama was told before he withdrew from Iraq. He appears to be hell-bent on making the same mistakes in Syria as President Obama made in Iraq.

“The worst thing any Commander in Chief can do is to give land back to the enemy that was taken through blood and sacrifice. I fear those are the consequences of the actions being taken right now.”