President Trump’s public battle Wednesday with Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions  failure to call for a prosecutor to investigate alleged abuses by the FBI in obtaining FISA warrants from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court revealed the deepening divide within the administration and concern that tools used to spy on foreign threats were allegedly weaponized to spy on a political opponent.

Republican’s congressional investigations revealed last month that the FBI did not disclose to the secret court information on the origin of the evidence it used when it obtained a surveillance warrant on short-term campaign advisor Carter Page. The evidence raised significant concern among Republicans and the White House who are calling on Sessions to investigate the full scope of the FBI’s investigation into Page and the Trump campaign. According to a memo released by Republicans with the House Intelligence Committee, the FBI did not disclose that the Democratic National Committee and the then Hillary Clinton Campaign financed former British spy Christopher Steele’s dossier, which was the primary evidence used to obtain the warrant. Democrats released their own redacted memo Saturday saying that a footnote on the application submitted by the FBI stating that the bureau “speculated” the dossier may be politically motivated was enough for the courts.

This week, Sessions authorized DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz to investigate the allegations of abuse by the FBI of the secret court. It was not enough for Trump, who noted that Horowitz does not have the authority to prosecute.

On Wednesday Trump lashed out on Twitter:

Sessions responded in a statement, obtained by this reporter from the DOJ, to Trump’s accusations. Sessions noted that the DOJ has “initiated the appropriate process that will ensure complaints against this department will be fully and fairly acted upon if necessary.”

“As long as I am the Attorney General, I will continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honor, and this Department will continue to do its work in a fair and impartial manner according to the law and Constitution.”

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer told House Intelligence Committee Chairmen Devin Nunes, R-CA and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-VA, in a letter sent Feb. 18, that the documents requested by the committees from the courts can also be obtained from the  Department of Justice, with approval from the Executive Branch. Nunes and Goodlatte sent a letter in early February requesting the all the information from the FISC regarding the FBI’s application to obtain the warrant to spy on Page.

Nunes requested “any relevant FISC hearings associated with the initial FISA application or subsequent renewals related to electronic surveillance of Carter Page,” as first reported by Fox News.

Collyer stated that the court would have to review the request from the committees but would not object to the DOJ handing the information over the requested documentation.

Collyer stressed in her response letter the congressional request “present novel and significant questions” which may take time for the courts to review.

“We have previously made clear to the Department, both formally and informally, that we do not object to any decision by the Executive Branch to convey to Congress any such information.”

“The considerations involve not only prerogatives of the Legislative Branch, but also interests of the Executive Branch, including its responsibility for national security and its need to maintain the integrity of any ongoing law enforcement investigations,” said Collyer, who noted that the DOJ could provide the documents more expediently.

“Note that the Department of Justice possesses (or can easily obtain) the same responsive information the Court might possess, and because of separation of powers considerations, is better positioned than the Court to respond quickly,” Collyer said. “We have previously made clear to the Department, both formally and informally, that we do not object to any decision by the Executive Branch to convey to Congress any such information.”

More importantly, Collyer revealed that “in a typical process of considering an application, we make no systematic record of questions we ask or responses the government gives.” The transcripts of the hearing were also requested by the committees and her acknowledgment that they may not have them is concerning to committee members, sources told this reporter.

Donald Trump

If the DOJ, however, has the documentation, it has not provided it to the congressional committees, congressional sources said.

Both congressional committees are in the midst of ongoing investigations into the FBI’s investigation into alleged collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Russia in the 2016 presidential election. The FBI obtained a warrant from the secret court to spy on Page on Oct. 19, 2016. Page has been at the center of ongoing partisan investigations into the FBI’s handling of the secret warrant and whether or not the bureau adequately informed the secret court that the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee paid for the unverified dossier it used to obtain the warrant on Page and open an investigation into Trump’s campaign.

Horowitz’s ongoing investigation into the FBI’s handling of Clinton’s use of a private email server is expected to be wrapped up sometime in March but could extend into April. It began last year in January. Session’s recently requested that Horowitz, who was appointed DOJ IG under former President Obama, now investigate alleged FISA abuse by the FBI. It may take a year or longer to complete as did the other investigations.

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  1. What is going on with Sessions? I love and respect the man but we need a tough AG right now. Someone who isn’t part of the swamp mentality. Would love to see Rudy appointed to head up a Special Counsel to investigate everything Clinton — Uranium One, Clinton Crime Family Foundation, Benghazi, illegal server, deleted emails, lying to FBI during interview, etc., etc. Then I’d like to see him address the leaking and unmasking scandal in the Obama administration.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree… We NEED a Tough AG not this “Milk Toast” act he’s trying to sell us through what appears to be No action. America Deserves Answers for being exposed to 8 years of Obama and Hillary and their CRIME SPREE.

  3. I’m afraid Jeff Sessions is now part of the swamp. I just don’t get it. It is amazing how Democrats continue to get away with anything. Nothing will happen to any of them for all the obvious potential crimes. The only ones investigated will be Trump and his associates. Mueller will search until he finds something and if the House wins back Congress they will impeach him and when that happens he will probably get convicted by the Senate. i can easily see Murkowski, Sasse, Collins, Graham and many others claiming to be bi-partisan and only doing the right thing. I voted for Trump because I wanted him to drain the swamp of all these people but I am beginning to believe that will never happen and it is Trump who will be outed in disgrace. What do we do?

  4. Gail, thats the best advise Trump can get he should appoint Rudy now and see how fast he gets to the bottom of all these crimes. Rudy wont need a year to do it either

  5. agree!. don’t know if its true, but wasn’t Rudy G interested in the AG job in the beginning, but Trump gave it to Sessions ??

  6. Maybe America needs a younger AG, Sessions doesn’t seem to have the energy or is he part of the Swamp? Democrats have our DOJ, State Dept, and FBI tied up for some reason and we sure could use some Honest Law-Enforcement Officer’s taking over.
    Democrats also have Fake News, backing them, without Fox News Channel and Conservative Radio, ( Rush) and many more, America is lost.
    President Trump can’t do it by himself, and I don’t think Trump is asking too much from our side, but Jeff Sessions should appoint a Special Conceal to investigate what happen or get the Hell off the job.

  7. One part of me want to wait for the IG report, but I am starting to wonder if it will will be fair and impartial. Remember the media fawned over Comey and his integrity, but he is proving to be just a dirt bag with everything that has been revealed about how the FBI handled the HRC email case and leaking to the press. There should have been charges filed by now with the evidence that the House Intelligence Committee has produced.

    I really don’t think Session was ever part of the swamp but maybe we need to trust Trump’s instincts here. HRC and the DNC have dirt on everybody and with the mountain of evidence against the DOJ/FBI with no Special Prosecutor being assigned I wonder if they have something on Sessions. Was he forced to recuse himself leading to the appointment of Mueller? There is enough against Rosenstein to have him removed.

    Also makes me wonder why all of the house incumbents are not running. What dirt does the machine have against them?

  8. I knew this would happen! Sessions will do nothing or appt more pals of those being investigated to do the investigating. I can’t believe it’s because he’s too weak. I’m sure he knows what he’s doing and wants to do as little as possible. A swamp member in good standing. What I can’t understand is why Trump hasn’t dumped him by now. There are lots of very excellent replacements, but he’s enabling the very worst.

  9. Probable cause. That is what there was and that is all that is needed. The rest of this is smokescreen.

    You wouldnt know Occams razor if it was cutting your throat.

  10. Trump is the swamp. He is corrupt. He lies. He wants to rule autocratically. ( is that too many syllables for you?)

  11. Are you really saying that there is nothing there when 13 people have been charged with tampering with our election????? Arr you that blind?? Manafort caught red handed laundering huge amounts of money. Trump paying off porn stars??? What does it take. If Trump hit you over the head with a sledge hammer would he still be OK? It boggles the mind how devout you Trumpsters are. Almost like you believed reality TV was real and Trump actually was a business man. Nah. Nobody is that gullible. At leadt not the majority of Americans that voted for Clinton.

  12. 13 indictments? That’s a joke those are 13 Russians that will never come to court those are 13 Russians that will never leave Russia those are court dates that will never be satisfied it’s all smokescreen to make him look bad but there will not be a court date for any of those 13 indictments sessions part of the swamp it’s a big joke as long as Mueller’s investigation is ongoing sessions job is safe

  13. Anyone in Trump’s position would be angry and frustrated beyond belief. His entire family has been framed with the entire weight of the united states government while the real criminals are enjoying cocktail parties without a care in the world. If I were him, I would snap too. So would many of even the most docile of people would it’s that bad. I’m not so sure they are not bullying Sessions and/or blackmailing him to not make any moves. They have this whole debacle locked tight.

  14. Also..Mueller was FBI director during Clinton/Obama Uranium One deal. $145,000 million to Clinton Foundation.
    Its getting where its hard to trust anyone anymore re: washington swamp, and “they” try to say “we’re nuts” for having the audacity to question them. Their know it all elites who think their smarter than us, much like Hollyweird.

  15. You are simple and so uninformed
    It is repulsive

    Go to “the conversation tree house. Com
    And may be you will learn something but a am afraid you are To warped already and that is sick

  16. Trey Gowdy supports Mueller and thinks he should be left alone to do his job. Google it. Not fake. It is the only non-partisan thing I have ever heard him say.

  17. you think any chance that the reason Gowdy is not running for re-election is really so he can be appointed as the special prosecutor to run this stuff to ground?

  18. Whatever Sessions is up to isn’t as important as there are two former senior administration officials known to have broken federal law, and no indictments were sought. Considering how these blatant actions were ignored, and the perception Washington D.C. is nothing but a club, where insiders can break laws with impunity, those that voted Trump in office are now feeling they were betrayed; and the media was a big part of the betrayal.

    Trump needs to do something other than tweeting. If he doesn’t have confidence in Sessions, he needs to fire him.

  19. A couple of thoughts: If you want the MSM to broadcast wildly about Trump being upset over potentially biased Democrat Cronies being used to investigate him, if you want to create the impression that Trump is worried because Democrats who might have him in the crosshairs are doing the investigating, what better way than to let the media know about a “contrived” spat between Trump and Sessions complaining about Democrat cronies — Horowitz, et al? Then, when the Democrat “cronies” investigators exonerate Trump and indict 20 or 30 Democrats, who will the Media have to believe?
    Second thought: Sessions (and Trump) probably know that many of the criminals they seek are IN the FBI. How do you ask the FBI to investigate itself? The IG, if he is not a traitor too, is the best choice.

  20. And our President TRUMP is very right in calling corrupt soros paid jeff sessions

    jeff sessions is & probably all along been a deceptive traitorous soros paid informant

    YEP, I believe so!!!

  21. Nunes should get the FISA filings from the DOJ, and then have the FISA Court confirm that the data from DOJ is exactly what was presented to the Court.
    I’ll bet that the Court will say it is not the same, and we will have another layer of lying by the DOJ.

  22. I checked out your site. Pretty biased reporting but it actually has a FOX news report supporting Jeff Sessions and indicating that Trump is out of line undermining him publicly. Says Trey Gowdy is right to SUPPORT Mueller.
    I don’t think you critically read or listen to anything before spouting the party line.
    Papadopoulos Guilty
    Flynn Guilty
    Gates Guilty
    Manafort lying and laundering money and working for the Russians: definitely guilty
    Sessions recused
    Don Jr: “I love it” when offered campaign help by a foreign government
    Trump: Grabbing genitals, screwing porn stars, cheating on his wife, lying constantly, tax evading, not even comprehending health care or gun rights.
    What does it take???? All you people can do is try to twist an investigation based on Probable Cause into some sort of conspiracy. Do you realize how stupid you sound?? You are dismantiling the most valuable part of our government. The part that keeps us safe and protected from enemies Foreign AND domestic. WAKE UP!!!!

  23. Someone (Sara?) needs to get the FISA judges to say they were duped/misled. Otherwise, this will dissolve into a ‘nothing there’ story.

  24. Trump needs to be careful. If sessions resigns or get fired, then Rosenstein may be appointed as acting AG. I do not want to see this swamp creature in charge of the DOJ, even if it may be temporary until Trump picks some else whoever that might be. And then the confirmation process begins again. Session barely made it with 52 votes for an 47 votes against. It might not be any better the next time. I am hoping this ranting from Trump against Sessions is just a game and in a few months Sessions finally steps up to the plate and starts handing out indictments against the Obama and Clinton and all of their minions.

  25. Do you think AG Sessions is stonewalling because he thinks President Trump will
    be or wants our President impeached so his good friend Pence will then step in?
    I for the life of me cannot understand why this AG will not step in. He has all the evidence, what
    Is happening to the rule of law and our country?

  26. “Forget about Rooskies. What really upsets the Democrats ‘n Leftoids
    is that they couldn’t rig the General Election the way they rigged
    their Primary.”
    .. (paraphrase of Dinesh D’Souza)

  27. Terry,
    There simply are no words.
    You are the 21st C. demoralized leftoid or libtard poster child.
    You could be shown truckloads of documentary fact and you still would cling to your hallucinations.
    No… I will _not_ explain it to you.
    You must either learn or suffer the result of denial of reality.

  28. You love and respect a man who laid a trap for Trump in an incredible act of betrayal?

  29. None of that has anything to do with the election or Trump. Manafort was closely tied to the Podestas. And you want to question others without any research?

    If is a fact, with lots of paper evidence, that Hillary was key to the sale of uranium to Russia. She approved it, and the about $200,000,000 in financial transactions exist.

  30. Your false hope is a plan for failure. Conservatives have been incredibly gullible over the years with their own party betraying them.

  31. There are a large number of indications that the Clintons were closely associated with Russians.

  32. Sessions needs to go! It’s going to take all us demanding he step down if we are going to see justice served. We would be in jail for doing much less than these criminals. #SessionsResign.

  33. Sessions needs to go and be replaced with an AG that will do the job at hand. Justice has to be served once and for all!

  34. Now I’m sure AG Sessions is corrupted by the Swamp, what else could it be? We thought Sessions was honest and a real American, but with all the information coming from Congressman Nunes about the spying on the Trump election with the aid of a FISA Warrant and all those FISA Judge’s that allow the FBI to spy on Trump, what are we too believe?

  35. Nothing will EVER come of NEthing involving NE so-called ‘Investigations’ of NEthing related to the Clinton Cabal. Sessions values his life. He knows he’d end up Hillaried. Just like Seth Rich… And Ron Brown… And Vince Foster. And some 38 other individuals who suddenly met with untimely & tragic deaths.

  36. Gowdy sees the Writing On The Wall… That’s why he’s getting out of Washington while his integrity’s still intact.

  37. Sara, Sessions hasn’t forced prosecutors to investigate FISA abuse because Sessions still has a shred of decency left, and he respects the DOJ, and he KNOWS THERE HAS BEEN NO ABUSE. He sees no reason to send his minions off hunting wild geese at Trump’s whim.

    That’s the reason, despite all the fake news stories you write on this subject, and Nunes and the Uranium One BS.

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