Trump calls into Newsmax, blasts Biden’s ‘Socialist’ policies: ‘Bernie Sanders on steroids’

Former President Donald Trump called into Newsmax on Tuesday. On the air, Trump slammed the Biden administration’s ‘Socialist’ agenda.

Bernie Sanders, he cannot believe what’s going on. This is Bernie Sanders on steroids. Our country is becoming a Socialist nation. This is Bernie Sanders on steroids,” Trump said.

Trump went on to applaud the reported plan by the Biden administration to reverse course and restart the construction of the Southern border wall.

“And the only good thing to come out is now they finally agreed after screwing up the construction, which was going along perfectly, is going to be finished soon. They finally agreed to rebuild or to complete the wall, which shouldn’t take them a long period of time, but that’s a good thing. That’s a very good thing.”

During the interview, Trump also slammed “woke” corporations like the MLB for caving into the pressure from progressives to condemn Georgia’s new voting law. He also said Biden’s foreign policy is weak and blasted the President for reversing many of his policies that he touts as major successes for the country.

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