President Trump arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam Tuesday ahead of his meeting with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. Un arrived in Hanoi on Monday after making a 60-hour journey by train. The repressive leader caused a stir when his security team ousted members of the White House Press Corps from the hotel in Hanoi for security.

Moreover, the WiFi at the hotel was cut and reporters had to find new hotels in the city. Further, when Un’s security team arrived at the hotel they were instructed to turn off any and all recording devices.

“In nearly ten years covering the White House, having been on Presidential trips to more than 100 countries, I have never seen the White House Press Corps kicked out of our unilateral press/broadcast center by request of a foreign leader,” said Fox New’s senior White House Correspondent John Roberts in a Tweet.

Fox White House reporter Kristin Fisher said “it’s Kim Jong Un.”

“They’re blocking it,” she added regarding the failed WiFi service.

Trump Remains Optimistic

Despite Un’s behavior to the press corp, President Trump remains optimistic.

“Looking forward to a very productive summit” said Trump ahead of the Wednesday meeting.

Second Summit Will Focus On Continued Progress To Limit Un’s Testing of Missiles

This is Trump’s second meeting with Kim. In June 2018, the two met to open the denuclearization conversation.

According to Former CIA Chief of Station Daniel Hoffman, peace will be achieved over time. Hoffman told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer that Kim’s interests lie in the preservation of his regime. “His economy is in free fall and he knows that his country is an outlier in an economically vibrant region” said Hoffman who believes Kim’s interests are in rolling back US sanctions.

The North Korean people are facing desperate times. According to a Fox News report, 30,000 North Koreans have defected to South Korea. The communist regime has allowed its people to suffer for years. Resources are scarce as the country endures a freezing winter.

Contrastingly, Vietnam is a communist country with a booming economy.