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Trump’s iconic Boeing 757 is being ‘fully restored’ for ‘upcoming rallies’




After four years of collecting dust, Donald Trump’s iconic Boeing 757 is being “fully restored and updated” and will take to the skies by the end of the year, the former president said in a statement.

Reports have been circulating during previous months regarding the restoration of Trump’s plane. It was stored in New York while the 45th president has been traveling on smaller jets. New reports suggested in March that the jet needed substantial repairs to its engines. Those reports noted that it could cost several hundred thousand dollars to repair the jet.

But with “upcoming rallies” in the works, Trump is footing the bill to bring the plane back into commission. It was used as a backdrop at countless 2016 rallies.

Trump’s jet has gone unused since the former president left office and has sat at a New York hanger facility.
Andrew Lichtenstein, Business Insider

“Many people have asked about the beautiful Boeing 757 that became so iconic during the Trump rallies. It was effectively kept in storage in Upstate New York in that I was not allowed to use it during my presidency,” Trump said in a Friday statement via Save America PAC.

With reports saying the plane is in bad shape, the repairs will likely be sizable. Trump said the blue jet with his name in large white letters will receive an “inspection and updating of Rolls-Royce engines, and a brand new paint job.”

Details on the rallies this jet may carry the former president to have not been released but this statement confirms rumors that Trump is planning to host events soon.

Read the statement here.

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Biden frees Venezuelan President Maduro’s drug dealing relatives in prisoner swap



Joe Biden

President Biden freed two of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s relatives Saturday in exchange for seven jailed Americans. The two nephews of Maduro’s wife Cilia Flores, had been convicted in the United States for drug dealing and sentenced to 18 years in prison, according to the BBC.

According to the report, the swap was in exchange for five American oil executives. Those Americans were “exchanged for two of Mr Maduro’s wife’s nephews, who were serving 18-year sentences in the US on drug charges,” the officials told the BBC. Maduro’s nephews were convicted under the Trump administration and the Venezuelan government claims that they were “unjustly” jailed in the United States.

In a statement from the White House Saturday, Biden said the American’s were  “wrongfully detained.”  He said the American’s  would soon be reunited with their relatives, according to reports.

“Today, we celebrate that seven families will be whole once more. To all the families who are still suffering and separated from their loved ones who are wrongfully detained – know that we remain dedicated to securing their release,” the Biden statement added.

Meanwhile, 13 Republican members of Congress sent a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, requesting more information on “the intelligence report” that alleges Maduro is emptying his prisons and allowing them to head to the United States in the caravans that crossing the porous border.

The letter states that the report warns Border Patrol agents to be on the look-out for “violent criminals from Venezuela among the migrant caravans heading towards the U.S.-Mexico border.”

“It has been widely reported that the Venezuelan regime, under the control of Nicolás Maduro Moros, is deliberately releasing violent prisoners early, including inmates convicted of ‘murder, rape, and extortion,’ and pushing them to join caravans heading to the United States,” the letter states.

You can follow Sara A. Carter on Twitter @SaraCarterDC.

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