TRUMP ACQUITTED: America more divided more than ever, thanks to Congress

On Saturday afternoon, after five days of a sham impeachment trial former President Donald Trump was acquitted by the Senate. It was the second time Trump has faced the possibility of being impeached by his enemies in the Senate who wanted him out of office, without the possibility of ever returning again.

It isn’t surprising that Trump’s impeachment ended with the acquittal. Now the issue is what will the Democrats do – will they prolong the divisions in our nation as they seek to punish President Trump.

I fear they will but hope they won’t.

The Senate Democrats could not get the 67 super-majority vote because their argument could not prove that President Trump incident the tragic January 6, riots. However, the Republican rhinos, who betrayed the GOP and their conservative base, will have to face their constituents at the next election.

What is obvious is that for nearly five years the political enemies of Trump in Washington D.C. have trampled the Constitution and weaponized the system to target not only him, but the 75 million American people that voted for him.

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