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Trump $500B plan for Black Americans to label KKK, Antifa as terrorist organizations



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The Republican Party tweeted that President Donald Trump is expected to announce on Friday a plan for Black America that will increase access to the amount of capital in Black communities by $500 billion, designate the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and Antifa as terrorist organizations, and call for making lynching a federal hate crime.

“For decades, Democrat politicians like Joe Biden have taken Black voters for granted. They made you big promises before every election—and then the moment they got to Washington, they abandoned you and sold you out,” Trump is expected to say on Friday, in information obtained exclusively by Fox News. “The Democrats will always take Black voters for granted until large numbers of Black Americans vote Republican.”

The “Platinum Plan” is what his campaign is calling it, according to the Fox News piece. The details of which are expected to emphasize “opportunity,” “security,” “prosperity,” and “fairness” for Black Americans.

The death of George Floyd, a Black man, at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer on May 25 propelled the issues surrounding race and the criminal justice system back into the national spotlight and sparked massive nationwide, and worldwide, protests and riots this summer. These protests, while mostly peaceful, have seen lots of violence and looting occur by some, whom the president and Attorney General William Barr have said are part of anarchist group Antifa.

He has faced severe criticism for his overall handling of the unrest this summer from both the left and the right. The most infamous incidents of this were when law enforcement used tear gas to clear protesters out of Lafayette Square in front of the White House for Trump to then pose for a picture in front of the nearby church while holding the Bible, and then when camouflaged federal agents arrested violent protesters and pulling them inside unmarked vehicles in Portland, Oregon.

On top of the $500 billion in increased access to capital in Black communities, according to his campaign, the plan will also spur the creation of 500,000 new Black-run businesses and three million new jobs for Black Americans.

Among the many other proposals, the plan will also include a landmark proposal to make Juneteenth a national holiday. Juneteenth commemorates the liberation of the last U.S. slaves on June 19, 1865 by Union forces. The holiday, which has celebrated since the year after their liberation, gained mainstream recognition this summer amidst the renewed focus on issues surrounding racial justice and the criminal justice system.

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Illegal migrants refuse to leave Denver encampments, make demands of city including ‘fresh, culturally appropriate’ food and free lawyers



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A group of illegal immigrants in Denver is not only refusing to leave encampments, but also have the audacity to take no actions until the city meets its demands. The migrants were organized enough to publish a document with 13 specific demands before they “acquiesce to Denver Human Services’ request to leave the encampments and move to more permanent shelters funded by the city” reports Fox News.

Demands were made following the Denver government obtaining a petition to have the migrants moved, according to the outlet. The Denver mayor has been under pressure from the city’s ongoing migrant crisis, making headlines and receiving stiff backlash earlier this year for proposing budget cuts to the city’s government, including cuts to the city’s police force, to fund more money for dealing with the city’s migrant crisis.

The list of demands was sent to Mayor Mike Johnston and included requests for provisions of “fresh, culturally appropriate” food, no time limits on showers and free immigration lawyers, the outlet reported. Further details of the demands read, “Migrants will cook their own food with fresh, culturally appropriate ingredients provided by the City instead of premade meals – rice, chicken, flour, oil, butter, tomatoes, onions, etc… Shower access will be available without time limits & can be accessed whenever… Medical professional visits will happen regularly & referrals/connections for specialty care will be made as needed.”

The migrants also insisted they get “connection to employment support, including work permit applications for those who qualify,” as well as “Consultations for each person/family with a free immigration lawyer.” The migrants insisted that if these are not met, they will not leave their tent community.

“At the end of the day, what we do not want is families on the streets of Denver,” Jon Ewing, a spokesman for Denver Human Services, told Fox 31.

The current encampment is situated “near train tracks and under a bridge,” Fox 31 noted, adding that it has been there for the last couple of weeks.

Ewing told Fox 31 the city just wants “to get families to leave that camp and come inside,” noting its offer will give migrants “three square meals a day” and the freedom to cook.

He also said the government is willing to work with people to compromise and help them figure out what kind of assistance they qualify for.

Ultimately, Ewing said, the city wants to work with migrants to determine, “What might be something that is a feasible path for you to success that is not staying on the streets of Denver?”

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