Trish Regan: Biden Needs to Distance Himself From Antifa…NOW

As the President Trump visited Kenosha, Wisconsin to reassure the community of the federal government’s commitment to maintain law and order.

And, wow, the Biden camp sure is trying to pivot fast.

You see, they’ve realized that standing up for antifa… while it may help with their extremist base… just doesn’t work in the rest of the country.

Left Sets Stage for Contested Election

I reported on this story yesterday – showing how if you go to… you get redirected to ‘Joe Biden for president.’ Does this mean that Joe Biden is openly courting Antifa? By not denouncing this, he certainly is indicating he’s okay with it… twice now, I’ve asked the Biden campaign for comment… and twice now I’ve gotten nothing.

You see, they just want it to go away.

Facebook even wants it to go away… it seems they tried to shadow ban me yesterday on the site… not allowing that story to get out… I encourage you to go to to see it…and make sure you download this podcast… this is how we together will push back against the mainstream media and big tech desire to control the story…and this is important.

In fact, in a report this week by an analyst at jp morgan, advising investors to consider the possibility of a Trump win… the analyst sites the importance of people being able to make their own decisions about the recent riots and looting…in terms of deciding whether or not they are violent.

A Message From Trish: ‘The lawlessness must end’

But here’s the deal: when we see rioters, as we did in Portland, burn a minority-owned office in a building filled with residents… how could you NOT see that as hurting a community?

Meanwhile, as Biden and Harris try to court the establishment… they are RAKING in the big bucks. It’s been reported that the Biden campaign will have taken in 300 million in donations in the month of August alone. That would be more than double the 140 million the Democrats reported in July. Just to keep in perspective… the previous monthly record was 193 million for a month… and that was Obama in September 2008.

We’ll see what happens on the president’s end… in July, Trump beat him, raising 160 million.

But, here’s the thing: does money even matter? Don’t American voters see through it?