Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy reacts to Peter Strzok suing the FBI for firing him over anti-Trump text messages.

“Peter Strzok need blame no one other than himself for writing what he wrote. He was unfit to investigate either of the presidential candidates. How this is going to turn out? I don’t know. It’s D.C. I don’t know what a jury is going to do with him,” Gowdy said on Fox News.

Strzok is arguing that the FBI caved to the “unrelenting pressure” of the president Trump when it fired him.

“I mean bias is so insidious bias destroys the criminal justice system,” Gowdy said. “He promised to stop the presidency. He said he had an insurance policy if that didn’t fail.”

“Remember when he said he wasn’t interested in joining the Russia probe because he didn’t think it would result in impeachment? “Gowdy asked. “This was a counterintelligence, career FBI agent where what Russia did to this country was not enough for him. That’s not enough to get him interested. He wanted it to involve impeachment.”