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Train derails in Texas as it collided with an 18-Wheeler leaving the driver deceased



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An 18-wheeler collided with a train early Monday morning in the small town of Splendora, Texas. Twenty-One train cars derailed and the truck driver did not survive the collision according to reports.

This collision came 10 days after the Ohio train derailment which sent toxic chemicals into the air and the surrounding areas. According to Fox News, The Montgomery County Sheriff’s office started fielding 911 calls about the wreck around 7:24 a.m. The truck driver was already dead when authorities arrived to the scene of the collision but no other individuals were harmed in the accident.

According to emergency responders the collision does not pose a threat to the surrounding community unlike the case in Ohio, putting to ease the worries the community had after seeing the reports in East Palestine, Ohio. According to Union Pacific spokesperson Robynn Tysver, they had hazmat teams on the scene and it is estimated that around 100 gallons of diesel released from the 18-wheeler involved in the collision.

Lt. Troy Teller of the Splendora Police Department stated, “From what we’re being told and shown, there’s no major chemicals to be concerned about,” Teller continued to say, “It’s more so household chemicals on board for retail purposes. It’s not a large quantity from what we’re being told,” according to reports from Houston Public Media.

According to Lt. Teller, several area of the trains tracks were damaged and that operational abilities of the track could resume as early as Tuesday morning. There is an ongoing investigation into the circumstances of what caused the crash. According to reports there are no railroad arms at the scene of where the event took place and that only a yield sign stands at the site.

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TX farmers fight to block USDA from using race in distributing farm aid



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“When natural disasters strike, they don’t discriminate based on race and sex. Neither should the Department of Agriculture.” That’s the message from a group of farmers written in a court filing made public Monday.

Just The News reports on a group of white farmers in Texas who are asking a federal judge to block the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) from using race, gender or other “socially disadvantaged” traits to determine who gets disaster and pandemic farm aid and how much, arguing the agency’s current administration of eight emergency funding programs is unconstitutionally discriminatory.

According to Just the News, the USDA’s program appears to be rooted in an executive order that President Joe Biden signed. The lawsuit names the USDA and Biden Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. The farmers bringing the action include Rusty Strickland, Alan and Amy West and Bryan Baker, all of Texas.

The farmers, represented by the nonprofit legal firm called the Southeastern Legal Foundation, asked a judge to issue an emergency injunction from the U.S. District Court in Amarillo, Texas, to stop any additional awards from being made on the basis of race and gender or other liberal standards.

“Enjoining USDA from using race, sex, or progressive factoring when administering the programs is warranted because Plaintiffs are likely to succeed on the merits of their claims that: (1) the programs, as currently administered, are unconstitutional; (2) USDA lacks statutory authority to run the programs in their current form; and (3) USDA failed to adequately explain changes in calculating payments when implementing progressive factoring,” the motion stated.

The farmers said the Biden administration has taken roughly $25 billion in disaster and pandemic aid approved by Congress for farmers in eight programs and devised a system to make awards based on race, gender or other “socially disadvantaged” traits. Such decision-making violates the Constitution’s Fifth Amendment and the Administrative Procedures Act.

“The Constitution promises equal treatment to all Americans regardless of their race or sex,” the court filing also reads. “It also promises the separation of powers. USDA broke both promises through the disaster and pandemic relief programs challenged here.”

The farmers said they can prove that “USDA gives more money to some farmers based on” race, gender or other factors never approved by Congress.

“USDA does this by first defining farmers who are black/African-American, American Indian, Alaskan native, Hispanic, Asian-American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, or a woman as ‘socially disadvantaged,’” the court filing said. “Then, it provides farmers who qualify as socially disadvantaged more money for the same loss than those it deems non-underserved, along with other preferential treatment”

Just the News explains the request for an injunction relies in part of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision last year banning racial preferences in college admissions. It even quoted from the high court’s declaration that “eliminating racial discrimination means eliminating all of it.”.

“Disasters don’t discriminate and neither should USDA. In fact, the Constitution prohibits it,” the lawyers said in a statement. “That is why our brave clients – a group of Texas farmers that includes three white men who received significantly less money in disaster relief funds from USDA than if they had been of a different race or sex – filed this case and are asking the court to stop USDA’s blatant discrimination.”

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