Tom Fitton: ‘The left is the enemy of history, the enemy of facts, the enemy of the truth’

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton told The Sara Carter Show that he is concerned that the current investigation by the Department of Justice into the FBI’s now debunked probe into President Donald Trump and Russia will fail to hold those who broke the law accountable.

Fitton had stressed his concerns to this reporter last week just hours before Attorney General William Barr and prosector John Durham turned the Justice Department investigation into the FBI from an administrative review to a criminal inquiry.

I spoke to Fitton after the Justice Department’s decision to turn the investigation into a criminal inquiry. He said has not changed his mind as to whether the DOJ will prosecute those involved in what is being described as a ‘soft coup’ against Trump. However, he added, he has more hope.

This is the interview with Fitton prior to the Justice Department’s decision.

“If there was a grand jury going on where are the witnesses that were expected to come in,  we’d see indications of it and disturbingly I don’t see any indications of that yet,” he said during the podcast.

“I believe there’s probably a grand jury out there to allow them to get documents more easily. But at the end of the day, I don’t see any prosecutions emerging,” he added. “But you know maybe, maybe something will happen. I don’t know maybe the documents that we uncovered through our 60 plus lawsuits to figure out what’s been going on will force their hand. Certainly nothing will happen for sure if we don’t know the full details of the criminal activities and corruption behind the Spygate and Russia gate affairs and that’s why we’re we’re doing the work that we’re doing to try to uncover the full details.”

Fitton said he has hope Barr and Durham will do what is right but questioned if they will be able to bring indictments against those in the Obama Administration that broke the law. He noted there has never been a precedence for a situation ‘where the president of the United States has been the target of a coup by senior leaders of a former administration.’

He said the Democrats and the complicit media outlets that are anti-Trump have driven a false narrative to some portions of the American people but that will change

“The left is the enemy of history, the enemy of facts, the enemy of the truth,” said Fitton. He added that the “mainstream media” has turned “themselves into advocacy organizations not only on behalf of their agenda ideologically but targeting politically President Trump.”

Judicial Watch currently has more than 60 Freedom of Information Act lawsuits in the federal court regarding the FBI and DOJ’s previous investigation into Trump, his campaign and its now debunked assertion that the campaign colluded with Russia.

Barr and Durham will follow the rule of law and if they declassify the investigation, it will expose the extent former members of the Obama Administration took to target Trump, Fitton said.

Fitton also discussed in detail the current Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the State Department to obtain documentation regarding information that the former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch had used State Department resources to monitor the websites and social media accounts of high-profile journalists and Trump allies. Those journalists included this reporter, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Lou Dobbs, as well as others.

A Freedom of Information Act request was sent several weeks ago to the State Department asking for “any and all records regarding, concerning, or related to the monitoring of any U.S.-based journalist, reporter, or media commentator by any employee or office of the Department of State between January 1, 2019 and the present.”

“That includes all records pertaining to the scope of the monitoring to be conducted and individuals subject to it as well as records documenting the information collected pursuant to the monitoring,” the watchdog group stated. “The FOIA request also asks for all records of communication between any official, employee or representative of the State Department and any other individual or entity.”

Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Guilianni and Sebastian Gorka were also on a list that was given to Judicial Watch by a whistleblower inside the department that was aware of what Yovanovitch was doing.