Tom Cotton: ‘You can’t trust anything the New York Times Reports on Trump and Russia’

Senator Tom Cotton, R-AR, slammed the New York Times’ for publishing the story that Russia put financial bounties on U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan, saying the paper can’t be trusted when it comes to “anything” the paper reports “on Russia and Trump,” during an interview with Fox News host Sandra Smith Thursday.

Just a month ago, Cotton published an op-ed in the paper title, “Send In The Troops.” Cotton was referring to the number of violent riots springing up across the country in the wake of the tragic death of George Floyd.

Cotton’s piece received condemnation from a number of the paper’s reporters and caused the editorial editor to be ousted. When it comes to the Times, Cotton knows from recent firsthand experience just how they operate.

“I’m always open to taking a tougher line on Russia. But, the allegations in the New York Times are simply false as they usually are,” Cotton explained to Smith.

Cotton added, “Sandra, what’s regrettable is that someone in the intelligence community or perhaps in a partnered nation’s intelligence community decided to leak partial and incomplete intelligence. Intelligence services often get that kind of partial, incomplete, or conflicting evidence. They don’t always run to the President or to a prime minister to share it with them until it’s verified and corroborated, until then they understand the fuller picture.”

The Trump administration says that the President wasn’t briefed on the matter because there was “strong disagreement inside of our intelligence community about whether or not this intelligence was correct or not,” Cotton explained.

Meanwhile, Senate Democrats are moving to sanction Russia’s President Vladimir Putin over the NYT’s story, citing concerns that Trump’s been soft on Russia. However, Cotton says, “They’re simply using another fake story from the New York Times for political gain.”