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Three months after assigned as border czar Harris will visit the border



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By Jenny Goldsberry

After several reporters pressed her, Vice President Kamala Harris finally announced that she will be visiting the border personally this Friday. This comes after over 90 days since Harris became the border czar.

The White House confirmed she will visit El Paso, Texas alongside Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. This is the same facility where congressional delegation was previously denied access into.

Previously, Harris defended not visiting the border admits the crisis by saying she was working on the root causes of migration. Mayorkas has visited the border several times since his nomination. The Vice President told reporters “we’ve been to the border” in reference to his visits. But now, she will finally see it for herself.”

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Sara Carter: It is ‘dereliction of duty’ for Biden to put illegal immigrants before American citizens



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Speaking with Fox Business host Larry Kudlow about the recent Biden administration announcement that amnesty will be granted to nearly half a million immigrants married to U.S. citizens, investigative journalist and Fox News contributor says the president’s actions is a dereliction of duty.

Biden is putting illegal immigrants ahead of U.S. citizens in hopes to gain votes in the upcoming presidential election. “We should be protected by the executive branch” said Carter. “That is their only job.”

Instead, President Biden is putting everyone else’s lives ahead of Americans. Carter recently visited El Salvador and explained that when she spoke to the president was perplexed at how President Joe Biden is treating the U.S. border.

“I put 80,000 people in a mega prison here that are traffickers of drugs, gang members, MS-13, we have locked them up” the president of El Salvador told Carter. But apparently Biden wants them loose on the streets.

Biden’s behavior explains why there is a shift of support from the Black community and the Hispanic community away from Biden. “They’re changing their tune.”

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