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Threat Suspect Fatally Shot by FBI Agents in Utah: Alleged Threats Against President Biden and Officials



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In a turn of events, an individual named Craig Deleeuw Robertson was shot and killed by FBI agents in Provo, Utah. The agents were executing arrest and search warrants when the incident occurred at approximately 6:15 a.m. The suspect’s identity was unveiled following the incident. Robertson had reportedly made alarming threats against President Joe Biden and other officials, according to reports from Fox 13.

Court documents have revealed that Robertson issued a menacing message on social media around August 7, threatening to cause bodily harm to President Biden during his visit to Utah. His post, which mentioned using a sniper rifle and a Ghillie suit, raised immediate concerns. Notably, President Biden was slated to arrive in Salt Lake City on the same day as the shooting.

Earlier in March, Robertson had taken to social media to express violent intentions towards New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg. In his post, he claimed he was heading to New York to eliminate the prosecutor with a suppressed firearm. Surveillance at Robertson’s residence in March led to an interaction with a special agent.

The FBI’s Inspection Division is currently reviewing the circumstances surrounding the shooting. While the details leading up to the incident have not been disclosed, the FBI has emphasized its commitment to taking shooting incidents involving agents seriously. The tragic incident underscores the complexities and challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in ensuring public safety.

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Historic House Vote Expels Rep. George Santos Amidst Scandal



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In a turn of events, the House of Representatives made history on Friday with a vote to expel Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.), marking the first such expulsion in over two decades. A moment fraught with gravity unfolded as Speaker Mike Johnson wielded his gavel to formalize Santos’ removal, setting a precedent in congressional annals.

Santos, indicted on 23 counts related to wire fraud, identity theft, and other charges, has not faced conviction but stands accused of misusing campaign funds for opulent purchases. The bipartisan vote, tallying 311 to 114, signaled robust support for expulsion, with a marginally higher number of Republicans opting to retain Santos.

Questions loomed as Speaker Johnson left the chamber, his silence leaving the fate of the ongoing government spending battle uncertain. According to reports from Fox News, Democratic Rep. Steny Hoyer emphasized the non-partisan nature of the decision, asserting that members concluded Santos had tarnished the House’s reputation and was unfit for representation.

Within the GOP, conflicting opinions emerged, with Rep. Darrell Issa arguing against expulsion, citing the presumption of innocence. The tight-lipped stance of the House Ethics Committee played a pivotal role in the deliberations.

Conversely, members of the New York Republican delegation, led by Rep. Marc Molinaro, asserted Santos’ commission of crimes, justifying expulsion based on a comprehensive investigation.

Santos himself predicted the outcome in an exclusive morning interview on “FOX & Friends.” This vote not only underlines the House’s rare use of expulsion powers but also sets a critical precedent in handling members facing severe legal challenges.

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