‘This will be my final post on this anti-American platform’: Dan Bongino leaves Twitter for Parler

Fox News contributor Dan Bongino was suspended from Twitter Thursday for posting President Donald Trump’s taped speech following the violent protests in Washington D.C.

According to a Twitter spokesperson, Bongino’s account was suspended for “sharing content that violates the Twitter Rules.” In order to gain access to his account, Bongino is required to delete the violative Tweet.

In response to the suspension, Bongino announced he would be leaving Twitter and primarily using Parler instead.

In Bongino’s final tweet, he called Twitter an “anti-American platform.”

“This will be my final post on this anti-American platform,” Bongino wrote. “The greatest threats to liberty are the destructive tech tyrants who have acted as publishers in their ongoing wars on conservatives & free speech. You can find me on Parler, where we respect free speech. I’m “dbongino.””

On “The Dan Bongino Show” podcast Thursday, Bongino, who is an investor in Parler, referred to Twitter as “totalitarian” and suggested his listeners stop using Facebook and Twitter and create a Parler account instead.

“You know, some people may like it,” he said referring to Twitter. “Maybe they use it for news or whatever and I don’t want to make it about me. I mean, if you’re asking me, yes, I think you should get off Twitter because Twitter hates you.”

Bongino criticized YouTube for its censorship after the platform restricted accounts – including the account of President Trump’s.

Bongino has also left YouTube for Rumble, which is a video platform for “conservative content creators.”

“Snuff Dan Bongino out on YouTube where they demonetize their videos all the time, I just move to Rumble, where we don’t discriminate based on ideology. Reduce my distribution on Facebook, I’ll put the videos on Rumble. Reduce my distribution on Twitter, I’ll just put my information on Parler,” Bongino said.

“Twitter needs me,” Bongino said. “I don’t need Twitter.”