‘This must end’: Flynn Family Releases Statement Urging Judge Sullivan To Dismiss Case

Lt. General Michael Flynn’s family released the following statement on Friday after even more exculpatory evidence was released late Thursday showing that FBI agents charged with investigating Flynn were politically motivated and set him up. In fact, some of them texted about purchasing insurance policies to protect themselves.

“The criminal conduct and malfeasance of those entrusted with the power to enforce our laws trampled the rights and lives of Gen Flynn, our entire family, and all Americans who cherish our Constitution,” Flynn’s family wrote.

Read the full statement below:

The Justice Department has recommended that D.C. Circuit Court Judge Emmett Sullivan dismiss Flynn’s case. However, Sullivan has yet to follow the DOJ’s recommendations. The family wrote of the Judge’s decision to continue to pursue Flynn’s case, “This must end. Judge Sullivan has one obligation. That obligation is to dismiss this case with prejudice immediately.”