‘There’s nothing I can do to satisfy the media’: Pres. Trump Claps Back At Reporters

During a press conference Wednesday, President Donald Trump told a group reporters who pressed him as to why he wasn’t wearing a mask during Tuesday’s visit to the Honeywell factory in Phoenix, Arizona that “There’s nothing I can do to satisfy the media, the Democrats, or the fake news.”

Trump earlier clarified that he was wearing a mask for a portion of the visit, but that when we was seen without one, he was at an appropriate distance from others. Although one reporter who initially asked Trump about the visit insisted he didn’t see Trump wearing a mask at all, Trump said, “I can’t help it if you didn’t see me.”

“I asked specifically the head of Honeywell, ‘should I wear a mask?’ And he said, ‘well, you don’t need one in this territory.’ And, as you know, we were far away from people, from the people making the masks,'” Trump explained.

He added, “But I did put a mask on and it was a Honeywell mask, actually. And I also had a 3M mask and I had about four other masks. But I did have it on, I don’t know if you saw it or not, but I did have it on.”

The President invited reporters into the oval office as he signed an executive declaration proclaiming Wednesday “National Nurses Day.” The ceremony, however, became a show about the President’s mask-wearing habits, rather than about the great nurses on the frontlines who were being honored.

President Trump exclaimed, “Look, I’m trying to be nice, I’m signing a bill, and you criticize us.”

He then went on to applaud the great work of the nurses and highlighted the achievements his administration has made throughout the pandemic including with testing, which is why the U.S. has the highest number of cases worldwide, he said, addressing his critics.

The nurses who spoke applauded the President’s efforts saying that they’re satisfied with the Administration’s fast-tracking of Personal Protective Equipment.